Dr Joana Johnson
UK Clinical Psychologist
BSc (Hons), PgCert CBT, DClinPsy

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DeFi_ClinPsy is Dr Joana Johnson, clinical psychologist for the crypto space. She offers her services in partnership with the artist _slow_crypto as part of the Art with Gravity project.

Appointments are currently only available to the first owners of artworks in the series Art with Gravity III: The Astrals. All artworks are 1/1 NFTs, as befits the individual experience they accompany.

Dr Joana Johnson is a UK-based Clinical Psychologist with over ten years’ experience working in mental healthcare services.  She completed her doctoral training at Canterbury Christ Church University and is accredited and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Dr Johnson currently divides her time between working with patients and their families in NHS mental health services, providing staff support to two UK healthcare charities, and an academic teaching role, She also offers talking therapy / coaching services privately.  She is a keen advocate of financial freedom and is passionate about supporting innovation in the crypto space.

Dr Johnson has expertise in working with all aspects of emotional experience.  Specialist areas of her practice include the interface between mental and physical health, keeping burnout in check, and exploring relationship dynamics.



_slow_crypto x DeFi_ClinPsy

In our world of instant communication and lightning progress, we need our moments of calm. The artist _slow_crypto explores this through natural dyeing and the conscious creation it inspires. His art aims to inspire a reflective moment and our partnership seeks to deepen that experience. 

Accompanying the first purchase of each artwork in Art with Gravity III: The Astrals, Dr Johnson offers a session of talking therapy.

Our hope is twofold:

1.  That your session with Dr Johnson will be an opportunity to reflect and take stock of your emotional wellbeing.

2.  That ownership of your own unique Astral artwork will inspire and cue you to return to a state of reflection and calm each time you view it.


What kind of talking suits you?  Dr Johnson offers the following options:


No planning, just relax.  Show up and let’s see what comes to mind. I’ll ask you some questions to get started and let’s see where the conversation takes us.  It’s all important. 

Freud was the father of free-association, and there’s a reason it’s still widely used in therapy today.  You might be surprised at what comes up.


How to make the most out of your life: let’s ask some questions.  What’s really important to you?  How do you prioritise your time?  Are you caught up in the urgent-but-not-important?

In this conversation I’ll use ideas drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to assess your values, goals and to help you re-focus your intention in a direction that’s important to you.


Let’s check in with your mind and body today.  How are you doing?  What do you need today?  Maybe there’s some stress, sadness, or worry around for you.

If so, in this conversation we’ll use some ideas from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to think together about some strategies and fixes.


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